The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 684

Yasuko Nihonmatsu : Expressions Describing Outstanding Falcons
in the Kaei 4 Edition of Ōtō Monogatari
Ryotaro Nakamura : Diplomat Otori Keisuke’s Perception of East Asian Diplomacy
―Focusing on the Perception of the Qing Dynasty―
Yasunobu Matsumoto : The Yan ying dian Palace ( 延英殿 ) in the Punishment of
Prime Ministers : Focusing on Alleged Prison Cases during the Reign of Emperor Wenzong ( 文宗 ) of the Tang ( 唐 ) Dynasty
Masahiro Kato, Kazuma Maeda, Naomi Kawasumi & Ryota Tsunemoto :
The Effect of the ‘Scrap-Economy’ in the Post-War Okinawa Islands :
A Focus on the Distribution of Human Casualties
Jihyang Heo : Fundamental Considerations the Subject of “Logic”
in the Old System High School ( 旧制高等学校 )
Koji Okazaki : An Analysis of Both Review Articles and Book Reviews
in Japan Forum between 2001 and 2018 : An Assessment of Japanese
Studies in Taiwan
Yoritaka Ikuta : Dual Surnames from a Gender Studies Perspective (Part I)
Kazuki Tanaka : Review of Research on the Wei, Jin, and Southern Dynasties
Aristocratic System, part 2