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User Application
  • Please use the following template to apply for a dedicated user ID by e-mail.


      Subject】Lexis Advance User ID Application

      1. Name: Full name in Japanese and English
      2. ID No.: Faculty/staff ID number or student ID number
      3. RAINBOW/APU-Net E-mail Address: Enter full address including domain
                               (@ritsumei.ac.jp or @apu.ac.jp)
      4. Affiliation

      ------------------【E-mail Template】------------------

      Lexis Advance User ID Application
      Name: リツメイ タロウ (Ritsumei,Taro)
      ID No.: 12345678901
      RAINBOW/APU-Net E-mail Address: xx123456@ir.ritsumei.ac.jp
      Affiliation: Graduate School of International Relations, M2


  • You will receive an e-mail notification with your ID and a temporary password. You will need to change this password when you login for the first time. Your password will be automatically invalidated if you do not access the service for a long period of time (six months - one year).
  • You will need to have another temporary password issues once your password has been invalidated. Please contact the Shugakukan Research Library for details. (* Please do not submit a new application)
    Shugakukan Research Library:
  • Current IDs will expire at the end of March for undergraduate and graduate students and part-time lecturers. Please apply in or after April if you would like to continue using this service.
  • Our current students and employees can use this service. You will no longer be able to access LexisNexis after graduation, withdrawal, resignation or retirement.

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