Global On-Site Training Program for Young Researchers on the Protection of Cultural Heritage and Art Work

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For ITP Participants

Timeline from Application to Departure

Apply for ITP, then go through screening of written application and interview.

Pass the screening.

[At least 2 months before departure]

Make arrangements with the affiliated institution overseas which will accept you as an ITP participant:
The arrangements include sending a request letter to accept you, requesting their invitation letter, and finalizing your research period.

[At least 1 month before departure]

Make arrangements of flight tickets, accommodations, and overseas travel insurance.
Make arrangement with the Administrative staff on how to receive your per-diem and
lodging allowances during research period.
*We strongly recommend that you open a bank account that allows you to deposit and withdraw from overseas.

[At least 2 weeks before departure]

Get medical checkup.

[At least 1 week before departure]

Interview with ITP adviser.

Additionally, ITP participants must take the TOEIC test before and after going abroad, and report the scores to us (the Administrative staff) so that we could check how your language proficiency improves.

FY2012 Guidebook

Application Forms

Document Submitting time Note Download
Travel Expense Calculation Sheet Submit at least 1 month before departure Finalize your research period as soon as possible. Download
for student

for faculty member, PD, RA
Emergency Contact Information Sheet Submit before departure Emergency contact information on site, i.e, affiliated research institutions and places you stay, and in Japan (family, etc.). Download
Equipment Leasing Application Form Submit as needed Submit this form if you wish to borrow equipments, including PCs that belong to the university or research centers for use overseas. You will be responsible for the cost of any equipments damaged, lost or stolen while in your possession. Download
Project Change Request Submit as needed If you have to change the schedule or content of your overseas research or to return to Japan due to unforeseen circumstances, you should immediately contact your project advisor and supervising office and submit this form. Download
Trip Report Submit within 2 weeks after your return Submit together with your air ticket stubs and documentations of your overseas activities (receipts, meeting reports, etc.). Download
Program Completion Report Submit within 1 month after your return Ask your project adviser to check these documents before submission. Download