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Soft X-Ray XAFS Database
-- About SX XAFS Database --
This database contains 98 datasets (194 spectra) as of 2021/11/12.
Beamline : BL-2, BL-10, BL-11, BL-13
  • TEY (Total Electron Yield) :
    All electrons emitted by a sample are measured by the sample current.
  • PEY (Partial Electron Yield) :
    Electrons with higher kinetic energies than a specific energy are collected by applying a retarding voltage
  • PFY (Partial Fluorescence Yield) :
    Specific X-ray fluorescence is measured with a detector such as SDD or SSD.
  • IPFY (Inverse Partial Fluorescence Yield) :
    Spectrum of the target element is obtained by acquiring fluorescent X-rays of the coexisting element.
  • TFY (Total Fluorescence Yield) :
    All photons from a sample are measured with a detector such as MCP.
  • *Some data is distorted due to self-absorption (FY), charge-up (EY), etc. Please use with caution.
How to use
  • (1) Enter a keyword ("SiO2", "BL-10" etc.) in search box.
  • (2) Find the data. Click the measurement mode to display the thumbnail.
  • (3) The data files can be downloaded in Zip format.
  • Click here for details on the Zip file.
★ This work is licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA.
Creative Commons License
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[1] Ritsumeikan SR Center, "Ritsumeikan SR Center Soft X-Ray XAFS Database", (2021).

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