To you who are one of seven billion people;
              You were born to be different from any other person in the world.
              That is why you have to achieve that which only you can achieve.
              Break free from the known,
              throw convention to the wind and follow your own path with conviction.
              If someone laughs at your dream,
              we will become the shield that deflects those voices.
              If your dream lies on the world stage,
              we will become the vessel that takes you to those foreign shores.
              “Providing the the best possible education to all that wish to learn without
              Ritsumeikan has always been a gathering place for individuality.
              By multiplying these individualities
              a new environment of creativity and originality is born.
              You are the only one that can raise your flag and create a future
              within the swell of a new “borderless” age.
              Trust yourself, trust your peers,
              and travel beyond all the borders crossing your path.


  • 062
  • Music and an Investigative Spirit
  • Professor Naomi Miyamoto,
    College of Letters
  • The status of the symphony was born from a perseverance to foster culture.
  • 061
  • Challenge to the World Stage as an Automobile Enginner
  • Advanced Mechanical Engineering and Robotics, Graduate School of Science and Engineering
    Azrul Hadi Bin Ghazali Muhamad
  • Using Skills learned in Japan to make Malaysia an Automobile Superpower
  • 060
  • The research to peace
  • College of International Relations
    Professor Kota Suechika
  • Why do we fight? Why do we resort to violence?
    To think about war is to think about peace.
  • 059
  • Aim to become the best in the world
  • College of International Relations,
    Hiyori Kon
  • Bringing the Joy of Sports to the Children of the World through Sumo
  • 058
  • New Kanji education
  • Office of Social Collaboration,
    (the Kanji Educator)Hiroyuki Kubo
  • In Japan, Chinese characters kanji are everywhere, but younger people are not reading print much anymore.
  • 057
  • Go ahead with the community
  • AVA(Athlete Volunteer Association)
  • Engaging the community to raise the profile of university sports
  • 056
  • Gastronomy: Food as a Lens to view a Nation
  • College of Gastronomy Management,
    Associate Professor Maria Yotova
  • New Value and National Pride:
    What Bulgaria learnt from Japanese Yogurt
  • 055
  • An app bringing people together
  • Hironori Kanamura Flamingo CEO
    (Graduated from the College of Law in 2015)
  • Bronze: not as a Goal, as a Start
    Learn from the best to better them
  • 054
  • Challenge to win at the world convention
  • College of Social Sciences, Yoshitaka Asayama
  • Bronze: not as a Goal, as a Start
    Learn from the best to better them
  • 053
  • View the Future from the Map
  • College of Letters, Associate Professor Naomi Kawasumi
  • Laying history on a map
    …The way forward?
  • 052
  • Restarting in Indonesia
  • College of Business Administration, Kenya Mizutani
  • You’ll Never Lose Out While You Keep Trying
    Getting a Second Chance in Indonesia
  • 051
  • Ebi's Method
  • College of Sports and Health Science (JASA Sports Dietitian), Professor Kumiko Ebi
  • Delicious, enjoyable meals help athletes grow stronger.
  • 049
  • Step by Step in Team
  • Rei Kondo (College of Economics)
  • One Who Has Striven Most Earnestly
    Can Perform Most Beautifully
  • 048
  • Things Generous Society Can Produce
  • Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Associate Professor Sayaka Ogawa
  • Learn from Africa
    What Is Richness? What Is the Joy of Working?
  • 047
  • Run towards the Future
  • Masahiro Kagimoto (College of Sports and Health Science)
  • As Goals Are Meant to Be Achieved, Not Merely Set,
    I Overcome Hurdles One by One
  • 046
  • To Be the Driving Force of the Team
  • Chiaki Ishioka (College of Sports and Health Science)
  • A Small Body Driving a Big Organization
    American Football Team’s First Female Manager
  • 045
  • Insatiable Curiosity Won the Prize
  • College of Letters, Professor Atsuki Higashiyama
  • It’s Not Just an Upside-Down Image
    Awarded Ig Nobel Prize for 3-D Perception
  • 044
  • With Science and Technology, Saving the Innocent.
  • College of Policy Science, Professor Mitsuyuki Inaba
  • Founded Innocence Project Japan.
  • 043
  • Efforts for Sudan's Economic Development
  • Abeer Salih (Graduate School of International Relations)
  • “To borrow money is a kind of shame.”
    She Wants to Correct Such Misunderstanding which Prevents Sudan’s Development.
  • 042
  • Always Staying Close to Naraha
  • Mei Nishizaki (College of Social Sciences)
  • There is Something an Out-of-towner can Do for Naraha Town Where Evacuation Order Lifted
  • 041
  • Challenge to the World Stage as a Sighted Guide
  • Minako Hino (College of Social Sciences)
  • To Act as VI Runner’s Eyes.
    Such Experience Broadened Her Perspective.
  • 040
  • To Keep History of Discrimination in Mind
  • Haruka Kanehara (College of Social Sciences)
  • Elimination of Leprosy is Almost Achieved.
    Discrimination against Leprosy Patients Still Exists.
  • 039
  • To Change to the Major Sport
  • Hironobu Nakano (College of Letters)
  • Will Kiteboarding in Japan be Just a Sport for Fun?
  • 038
  • Action to Remember Tohoku
  • Kikkake Restaurant
  • What We Can Do in Kyoto for Tohoku is
    "To Remember".
  • 037
  • Challenges for Conquering Bumps in Mogul
  • Satsuki Ito (College of Sports and Health Science)
  • Taking the Shortest Distance, No Matter How Steep the Mogul Course may be.
    The World Stage and the Year 2018 Await to be Seen.
  • 036
  • Individual Efforts for Team's Victory
  • Ritsumeikan University Women's Track and Field Club
  • A True National Champion after the Record-Breaking Fifth-Straight Women’s Ekiden Title
  • 035
  • Worldwide Popular Exercise "Tabata Training"
  • College of Sport and Health Science,
    Professor Izumi Tabata
  • Though originated in Japan, the World Began the Trend.
    A 4-minute Training that will Defy the Conventional Method
  • 034
  • Three-dimensional Visions for Industry-use
  • College of Information Science and Engineering, Professor Gang Xu
  • Intelligent Robots Will Change the Industry and the Future
  • 033
  • Social Business for Elderly People
  • College of Business Administration, Hiroki Yoshimoto
  • A Student Entrepreneur.Solving the Problems of an Aging Society through the Eyes of a Young Entrepreneur.
  • 032
  • Diving on the World Stage
  • College of Sport and Health Science, Yuka Mabuchi
  • Conquer Fear, Overcome Injuries Giving Your Best in Two Seconds
  • 031
  • Manpower Airplane Made from Scratch
  • Ritsumeikan Aircraft Project Team (RAPT)
  • With hope on the wings and passion on the feet,Step on the pedal and reach for the world!
  • 030
  • Manufacturing of Mango jam in Philippines
  • International Exchange Group, BEPPINE
  • Has the Support Become an Imposition?Asking Ourselves What"Appropriate"Support Means.
  • 029
  • Conflict Studies in Japan for Papua, Indonesia
  • Graduate School of International Relations, Nino Viartasiwi
  • Will the Japanese Perspective Help Resolve the Conflicts in Papua?
  • 028
  • The Research at Lake SuigetsuDiving on the World Stage
  • Research Centre for Palaeoclimatology, Professor Takeshi Nakagawa
  • an we revive the sunken 70,000 years in the lake? Humans are being challenged by the past.
  • 027
  • Passion for Shogi
  • College of Letters (35th and 36th Jyoryu Osho), Manao Kagawa
  • Tears and Joy with Shogi Love for the Game more than Anyone Else
  • 026
  • Protecting the Cultural Heritage
  • Institute of Disaster Mitigation for Urban Cultural Heritage
  • The Cultural Heritage Disaster Mitigation Programme that has been developed in Japan has now reached the world.
  • 025
  • ”Micromachine” for drug development
  • College of Science and Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering Professor Satoshi Konishi
  • Micro Hand Advances Health Care in a Large Way.
  • 024
  • Challenge to the world by learning the sport
  • Yuma Itabisashi College of Sport and Science
  • Compete against the world’s best with my knowledge, not my body
  • 023
  • Realization of Society with Robots
  • Miyako Tachibana Graduate School of Science and Engineering
  • Conquer Fear, Overcome Injuries Giving Your Best in Two Seconds
  • 022
  • Souvenir business in Myanmar
  • Sin Phyu Lay Co.,Ltd.(Graduated from the College of Business Administration in 2010): Yume Shintani.
  • The allure of a country can be seen by the world through its fascinating souvenirs.
  • 020
  • “Listening Volunteering” in Fukushima
  • Volunteer Group SOYOKAZE TODOKETAI
  • Four years after the disaster “Listening Volunteering”
  • 019
  • Study of the optical illusion
  • College of Letters, Department of Psychology, Professor Kitaoka Akiyoshi
  • It’s moving, but it’s not moving?Perfecting optical illusions is perfecting beauty.
  • 018
  • Dual-Degree Program
  • Graduate of the Ritsumeikan University, College of International Relations and the American University, School of International Service, Tanaka Tomoyuki
  • Graduating from 2 universities in 4 years.Taking twice the hardships,providing twice the happiness
  • 017
  • SOROBAN Class in India
  • SOROBAN Club Leader, Kono Shota
  • Can the Japanese SOROBAN catch on in India?
  • 016
  • Developing the Soil Fertile Index (SOFIX)
  • College of Life Sciences, Department of Biotechnology Professor Kubo Motoki
  • Starting an Industrial Revolution for Japanese Agricultural
  • 015
  • Research and Development of an Arsenic Removal Ceramic Filter
  • Graduate School of Science and Engineering,Water Environmental Engineering Laboratory Md. Mahmudul Hasan
  • Drink arsenic contaminated water, or dehydrate and die? I want to ride the world of this life threatening choice.
  • 014
  • Promoting a Fitness Program for Senior Citizens
  • College of Sports & Health Science, Professor Fujita Satoshi
  • A University First: A Health Program of the Seniors, by the Seniors, for the Seniors
  • 013
  • Campus Asia Program

  • First Semester in China, Second in Japan,Third in Korea. Learning Beyond Borders.
  • 012
  • The development of dipers for elderly people which remotly alert caregivers of wet diapers.
  • Graduate School of Science and Engineering Tanaka Ami
  • How Can We Change the World by Generating Electricity from Urine?
  • 011
  • Working towards disaster recovery in Iwate Pref., Ofunato City
  • Iwate Prefecture, Ofunato-City, Department of Commerce and Tourisum, Head of Tourism and Local Products (2012 College of Social Science Graduate): Hirano Momoko
  • Making a new hometown with the people who live here.
  • 010
  • Speech given at Entrance Ceremony for new students
  • College of International Relations, Global Studies Course, Moraima Flores
  • More than a translator of words,becoming a translator of cultures.
  • 009
  • Constructing distribution computing environments for harmonious activity support.
  • College of Information Science & Engineering, Department of Computer Science, Professor Takada Hideyuki
  • Cultivating Real Communication through IT.
  • 008
  • Researching the design of buildings and cities that can coexist with nature.
  • College of Science and Engineering, Department of Architecture and Urban Design, Professor Chikamoto Tomoyuki
  • Let’s Cool Down Japan. Let’s Cool Down the Future
  • 007
  • Changing distracting noises into non-distracting sounds.
  • College of Information Science and Engineering, Department of Media Technology, Associate Professor Nishiura Takanobu
  • The development of civilization must not mean the development of noise.
  • 006
  • Developing human friendly escort-type rehabilitation robots.
  • College of Science and Engineering, Department of Robotics, Professor Nagai Kiyoshi
  • Not creating a society where we can live a long time, but a society where we want to live a long time.
  • 005
  • Built by undergraduate and graduate students in the school of science and engineering, the building is a replacement for the social service building that was destroyed in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.
  • Recovery Support Project for Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture: ODENSE
  • Warming up the Tohoku Winter
  • 004
  • Re-discovering a cave that was forgotten for 30 years.
  • Exploration Club Ryo Okasaka
  • Exploring = The joy of meeting a new you
  • 003
  • Placed third in the 2012 World Sumo Championships.
  • Sumo Club Miku Yamanaka
  • Going beyond the world's borders, going beyond the borders that divide men and women
  • 002
  • Establishing a primary school in Cambodia with NO assistance.
  • Global Cooperation Group “IROHA”
  • By improving the conditions of education, you assist in the development of a nation. Establishing a public junior high school in Cambodia
  • 001
  • College of Science and Engineering Department of Robotics Motion Intelligence Laboratory
  • College of Science and Engineering, Department of Robotics, Motion Intelligence Laboratory
  • Bringing the depths of the oceans within arms reach