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  • Establishing a primary school in Cambodia with NO assistance.

Global Cooperation Group “IROHA”

By improving the conditions of education, you assist in the development of a nation. Establishing a public junior high school in Cambodia

Just by donating money, a country will not become “rich”
Considering where this money will be used
is how to truly enrich a country.
Education is the key to enriching developing countries.
To enrich education, schools are needed.
Realizing this,
IROHA members made donations for construction fees.
And in 2008, thanks to support from various NGOs,
we were able to build a public junior high school
in Cambodia.
In June of this year we sent out our third generation of
graduates out into the world.
There is something else
that we have learned through building this school.
Just building a school is not enough;
continuing our efforts is critical to future success.
Each year, without fail,
our members continue to travel to Cambodia.
It is our hope that one of our graduates becomes a leader
that brings positive change to Cambodia.