• 003
  • Placed third in the 2012 World Sumo Championships.

Sumo Club Miku Yamanaka

Going beyond the world's borders, going beyond the borders that divide men and women

“Women doing Sumo? Are you serious?”
I wonder how many times I have heard this.
“Common sense” and “customs” became stronger enemies
than the opponent I would face.
What's wrong with women doing Sumo? I will show you all.
With this determination I will perfect my technique
and strengthen my will.
I have been undefeated in Japan for the last 3 years.
Now the arena has moved overseas, to the world stage.
It was around this time that I became fascinated by Sumo.
I placed 3rd out of 88 participating countries.
But I cannot be satisfied with this result.
I am still only 3rd. I will stand at the top of the world,
and from there spread women's Sumo throughout the world.
The stronger the opponent, the higher I may go.