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  • Re-discovering a cave that was forgotten for 30 years.

Exploration Club Ryo Okasaka

Exploring = The joy of meeting a new you

“Ippu Cave”, Mt. Ryozen, Taga, Shiga Prefecture
30 years ago our club members found this cave
but its location has been lost ever since.
We could not let our club member's find disappear
like an illusion.
As current members of the Exploration Club,
we felt it was our duty to rediscover this cave.
Furthermore, we wanted to discover something
no one else had ever seen.
Noticing mistakes in old documents about the cave's location,
we reexamined the old maps.
And so, in October of 2011,
we discovered a 15m deep cave and surveyed its contents.
Finally, the cave was no longer an illusion.
We were now able to understand the task our club members
had left for us 30 years ago.
The joy of discovering and explaining something
no one else has seen.
This is the joy of meeting a new self. Our world is still overflowing with the unknown.