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  • Developing human friendly escort-type rehabilitation robots.

College of Science and Engineering, Department of Robotics, Professor Nagai Kiyoshi

Not creating a society where we can live a long time, but a society where we want to live a long time.

Japan is no longer an aging society,
but rather a “super aging society.”
Even though the number of strokes is expected to continue to rise,
there is not enough rehabilitation specialists or physiotherapists
to match the demands.
It is there that people hold high expectations for
rehabilitation robots.
Within this field, thanks to join development with
English researchers, robots are being developed that have their movements assisted by a patient’s brain waves.
The brain then picks up that movement,
and the effects of rehabilitation are increased.
However, the technology development and the satisfaction of
user’s are different matters.
“Developing robots is not about developing technologies,
but developing solutions”
Professor Nagai spends days at rehabilitation centers
simply observing operations in order to develop a comfortable society
for everyone involved.