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  • Changing distracting noises into non-distracting sounds.

College of Information Science and Engineering, Department of Media Technology, Associate Professor Nishiura Takanobu

The development of civilization must not mean the development of noise.

The development of civilization is the development of noise.
Our world is overflowing with unnatural sounds
that are a constant cause of stress.
Detecting these annoying sounds with a small microphone
and changing them to white noise is the job of the
“small scale noise speaker.”
With its 12 small speakers a control sound is emitted in 360 degrees, altering surrounding sounds to be less obtrusive.
By placing this system in noisy homes and busy environments
like popular cafes or hotel lobbies,
we can protect people from stress caused by sound.
Improving sound conditions is an important issue
for the 21st century.
In March of this year the speaker will become a commercial product.
Turning all the noise of the world into comfortable sounds.
This is the big news of the day.