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College of Science and Engineering, Department of Architecture and Urban Design, Professor Chikamoto Tomoyuki

Let’s Cool Down Japan. Let’s Cool Down the Future

By reducing the heat entering a room we should be able to
make that room more comfortable.
What will make that a possibility are “external cooling tiles.”
By treating hollow shigaraki tiles with a special glaze,
the tiles are able to effectively absorb heat.
By absorbing this heat not only are room temperatures decreased,
but the actual temperature of inner walls is also decreased
which helps to maintain a comfortable environment.
This will help to reduce the burden on air conditioners
and lower CO2 emissions.
Furthermore, this could contribute to the alleviation
the heat island effect.
These tiles are already in use at shopping malls in Shiga Prefecture.
If all the houses in Japan were also fitted with these tiles,
it could possible not only help with summer power shortages,
but could also contribute to help put the breaks on global warming.