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  • Speech given at Entrance Ceremony for new students

College of International Relations, Global Studies Course, Moraima Flores

More than a translator of words,becoming a translator of cultures.

There are no street children or homeless people.
This was the first thing that surprised Moraima when
she arrived in Japan from Paraguay.
At only 15 she was able to experience the true difference between
developed and developing nations.
Moraima wants to break the cycle of poverty and help develop the economy to improve the educational environment of her country’s children.
To achieve this goal it is important to study not only words,
but the culture itself.
With this in mind she didn’t enter an international school,
but decided to study at a public high school in Osaka to learn
about the real Japan first hand.
“Don’t be afraid to grab the chance in front of you.
Even if you fail, you will become stronger”
These words she received from her parents and
spoke at her entrance ceremony are not only for Ritsumeikan Students,
but for all young people around Japan and the world.
Moraima is now on exchange in Canada,
working on grabbing her next big chance,
and become an even better translator of cultures.