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  • The development of dipers for elderly people which remotly alert caregivers of wet diapers.

Graduate School of Science and Engineering Tanaka Ami

How Can We Change the World by Generating Electricity from Urine?

Pretty much everyone keeps their distance
if told they will have to work with urine,
but her curiosity would simply not allow for that.
There are electrolytes within our urine.
Realizing this fact, she drew a blueprint for diapers that send a signal
when someone has urinated in them.
However, even though electricity was generated,
it was not even 1/100th of the required amount.
With no previous examples to work from, failures were a given.
But after hundreds of tests, electricity was stored in the condenser,
and a new system for generating power was born.
For the first time a batteryless, wireless, system that could alert caregivers
from a distance of wet diapers was developed.
And although it took over 5 years,
it should only take a little longer to make this a real commercial product.
She says that "by solving these daily problems
I feel the world will get a little better"
By the year 2050 one in three Japanese will be over the age of 65.
Het curiosity has illuminated the future of our super aging society.