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  • Campus Asia Program

Campus Asia Program

First Semester in China, Second in Japan,Third in Korea. Learning Beyond Borders.

There is no future for Asia if all we do is argue over our political
and economic interests.
Mutual understanding through cultural exchange is the key to
development in Asia.
Based on this ideal, the “Campus Asia Program,” where students
travel between campuses in Japan, China, and Korea each semester,
started in February.
Students selected from each country work together and learn about
the culture and history in the language of the countries they visit.
Going beyond traditional exchanges, this program is the first of
its kind in Asia.
One participating student notes that, “It is these private exchanges
through sports and culture that will improve the relations of
Japan, China, and Korea.”
And through conversations on music and the arts these students
become instant friends.
The members of the program are friends who live together and
who study together.
Many pending issues in the global community occur due to
a lack of mutual understanding between neighboring countries.
It is these deep individual connections that will be the key to
building a new Asia.
The next leaders of Asia will be born from these kinds of experiences.