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  • Promoting a Fitness Program for Senior Citizens

College of Sports & Health Science, Professor Fujita Satoshi

A University First: A Health Program of the Seniors, by the Seniors, for the Seniors

“By teaching each other while having fun their physical condition not only improves but communication becomes lively as well,” states program founder Professor Fujita Satoshi.
Started three years ago, this program
utilizes the load created when pulling elastic bands to held build muscles.
By building muscles, the risk of falling is reduced, and one can remain healthy longer.
Simply by holding the band and pulling your hands apart, a load is created, making it an easy exercise to start.
Currently Professor Fujita is not only lecturing at the university,
but also training leaders, and holding seminars so seniors can lead the program themselves.
By teaching more people, more people will become healthy.
This fall will see the birth of 30 senior leaders.
The people that have learned here will also want to teach someone else,
and the spreading of this health connection throughout Japan is the real goal of the program.
I want to restrain the aging of the Japanese people.