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  • Souvenir business in Myanmar

Sin Phyu Lay Co.,Ltd.(Graduated from the College of Business Administration in 2010): Yume Shintani.

The allure of a country can be seen by the world through its fascinating souvenirs.

With the democratization of the country, Myanmar is seeing a rapid growth in the number of foreign businessmen and tourists.
However, Myanmar lacks products that can be referred to as “souvenirs”, says Yume Shintani.
“Fascinating souvenirs can show the charm of a country”,
“This country is known for the heartfelt smiles and the kindness of its people”,
Therefore, as a way to show the charm of the country to the rest of the world, I founded a company mainly focusing on omiyage, the “souvenir business”.
With the stimulation from others, I have had the motto “One day, I will too” since college and now it has become a reality.
I’ve selected the Myanmar White Elephant Cookie as my merchandise, as it had been a well-liked item for a life-long time.
I’ve asked my Japanese friends to try the cookies, and they became addicted to the delicate taste of the cookies.
Yet, it was not easy to start a business overseas with language barriers and differences in habits as well as an incomplete legislation and a lack of infrastructure.
Nonetheless, I have spent enormous effort to make the cookies into a merchandise and when I see the satisfied faces I am happy from the bottom of my heart.
Yume Shintani will continue her road-tour to show the world the attractions of Myanmar and to promote the revitalization of the country.