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  • Realization of Society with Robots

Miyako Tachibana Graduate School of Science and Engineering

A More Affordable and Accessible Robot

Though we say that the robot technology has evolved, a society with robots can only be seen in a dream.
“In order to create a society with robots which even average users can operate, we need a simpler operating system and we need to lower the price of the robots”, says Miyako Tachibana.
However, to achieve this, we need to develop a brand new technology.
Robots are usually equipped with an encoder to measure the angles of the motor and the angular velocity.
Miyako Tachibana continues her study on building a simple and low-priced operation system rather than using equipments that are indispensable to control the movement of the robots.
“Robot Control Module for Education Purposes” was invented from this study.
I miniaturized the size of the high-priced control device and I was able to modify the functions and lower the price of the robot.
“I believe the more students become used to operate the robots, the possibility of a new invention is higher”, says Miyako Tachibana.
A more affordable and accessible robot is not just a dream. Miyako Tachibana is trying to make this happen.