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  • Manpower Airplane Made from Scratch

Ritsumeikan Aircraft Project Team (RAPT)

With hope on the wings and passion on the feet,Step on the pedal and reach for the world!

“Travelling around the world with manpowered airplanes,”
members of RAPT said.
It might seem like a dream, yet the longest distance
by a manpowered plane is 100 km.
We can reach Nagoya with this flying distance from Kyoto.
“Despite sounding like a dream, we want to get our hands on it”,
saying so, the members started to build the plane.
The first step is to win at the manpower airplane contest that is held annually.
Although RAPT is not known as a powerhouse, the members use passion
and ideas to overcome the deficiency of experimental equipment and machines.
Each of the 1,500 parts is handmade and they are made to match the pilot’s weight.
The tools that are used exclusively to build the parts of the plane were also handmade.
The endurance test for safety was conducted in a gym instead of a laboratory.
They built the plane from scratch.
To build a plane that is light and precise, they have sacrificed their sleeping time.
Perhaps one day we will be able to enjoy a tour in the sky
just as if we are riding a bicycle on the ground.
Riding with new possibilities, this year is the year to be.