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  • Challenge to the World Stage as a Sighted Guide

Minako Hino (College of Social Sciences)

To Act as VI Runner’s Eyes.
Such Experience Broadened Her Perspective.

“Are you interested in being a sighted guide on the world stage?”
She was asked like that when she couldn’t find joy in running.
She is qualified as a para-sports instructor, but she has never supported a para-athlete.
A sighted guide is a person who acts as VI runner’s eyes.
In addition to the knowledge as a guide, it is important to have chemistry with the partner. The pairing of Kondo, the VI runner, and Hino goes very well from the beginning.
But things are not so easy. Hino, a middle-distance runner, has to run a full marathon.
She gets ready for bi-weekly training with a sense of tension for a real race and takes notes to overcome challenges.
Her life became centered on the guide running. Her attitude toward middle-distance running changed.
“I am impressed by Kondo’s livery performance,” says Hino.
Their attitudes have created a virtuous cycle. Kondo is more likely to advance to the world stage and Hino won a Kansai rookie race.
Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow. Their dream will surely come true.