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  • Ebi's Method

College of Sports and Health Science (JASA Sports Dietitian), Professor Kumiko Ebi

Delicious, enjoyable meals help athletes grow stronger.

“Meals for sports can become more delicious when you bring the people who make food and those who eat it closer together,” says Professor Ebi, the former advisor to Japanese national team players.
Just-harvested food is delicious as it is. “It’s natural that food grown in the same area where the athlete grew up is best suited for him or her,” she adds.
Her motivation is to have athletes enjoy their meals because they eat a lot. She has developed menus and supplementary food using ingredients from Shiga in which Ritsumeikan University Biwako-Kusatsu Campus is located. The food was offered to the baseball team she advises and contributed to its first win at Japan's National High School Baseball Tournament at Koshien Stadium.
She also planned the show “Mirai (Future) Recipe” with a local television station to train the next generation. Aspiring top athletes and graduate students, aiming to be sports nutritionists, work together to propose recipes, incorporating local ingredients, suited for the athletic event, season and individuals.
She aims to further spread delicious meals for athletes through seminars for athletes, instructors and families around Japan.
Creating the future for sports through delicious meals. The journey starts in Shiga.