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AVA(Athlete Volunteer Association)

Engaging the community to raise the profile of university sports

It all started when the locals complained about noisy scooters near the ground.
Meetings were held and questions were raised about the manners of all of Ritsumeikan's sports clubs.
Several clubs gathered members to try to find a solution, but without scooters, students couldn't go to practice. Even if they learned to be more conscientious, the noise would remain.
"If we can't solve the problem completely, let's get more involved in the community."
One after another like-minded students came forward to help and formed AVA (Athlete Volunteer Association).
They joined local cleanups and disaster drills, and sometimes more than 50 students would show up.
They set up sports booths at local festivals, which not only enlivened the atmosphere, it spread the word about Ritsumeikan's club activities among the locals.
Soon, the locals were cheering them on. And the student athletes responded by performing above and beyond, thereby creating a cycle of positive feedback.
AVA wants to keep this cycle going to make Ritsumeikan's sports even more popular among the locals. And it all started by engaging the community.