Facilities and Equipment

The state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with professional level equipment. Students can also use special studios collaborated with SHOCHIKU

Jukokan Hall houses the College of Image Arts and Sciences. The building contains the latest equipment currently being used in animation, game, CG, video, and various other digital production fields. There is also an exclusive off-campus studio offering an environment for unlimited image production possibilities.

Jukokan Hall

From production until screening and presentation, Jukokan Hall is equipped with all the necessary facilities and equipment. This is the center of student life at the College of Image Arts and Sciences, a place used to interact with faculty and to share achievements. A space where students from various backgrounds can come together. Personalities become polished by the inspiration of others, sometimes they clash, and sometimes they develop collaborative productions and research. In this place, students are generating new ideas and productions every day.

Floor Guide

  • 3F
    • Student Study Room
    • Faculty Research Office
    • Rooftop Gardenetc.
  • 2F
    • Interactive Lab
    • CG/Game Lab
    • EIZO Seminar Room
    • Faculty Research Officeetc.
  • 1F
    • MA Room
    • Image Editing Laboratory
    • Sound Editing Lab
    • Student Loungeetc.
  • B1F
    • Room 301
    • Information Lab 1
    • Information Lab 2
    • Student Loungeetc.



Students majoring in the Image Arts will have the opportunity to use exclusive equipment collaborated with Shochiku Studio from Uzumasa, Kyoto. Exclusive filming studios, visual editing equipment, and lecture rooms are also available for use.