Recognized as Super Global High school (SGH) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Become a person who can contribute to realization of peaceful society

Our school has been recognized as “Super Global High School (SGH) project in 2014”which is aimed to foster “Global leaders” who will play an important role in international society. Our school is committed to spreading the philosophy of contributing to human beings and problem solving ability and capacity of judgment to realize it, and also presentation skills as well as positivity to challenge unknown field.


We are engaged in dealing with various topics with the theme of “Eradication of poverty ・prevention and measures of disaster ~for realization of world peace~”. In the Philippines where facing problems of poverty or a disaster in reality, joint research is planned with an overseas high school students. While supporting the leverage, planning, and leadership which are needed in international society, we conduct research and development of an education system which aim at fostering of human resource to realize a peaceful society. Moreover, the skill is acquired which is tied to advanced learning at university such as statistical method or creation of a research paper.


The lesson which unified four skill “Reading”, “Writing”, “Listening”, and Speaking” is carried out. The lesson using the famous newspaper and economic magazine of foreign countries, such as "Washington Post", is performed, and advanced English capability is raised. Discussion capability is also heightened through a meeting and a discussion in joint research with the affiliated school of overseas, such as Taiwan, Britain and Thailand. Taking advantage of the strong point specified also as SSH, we plan a synergistic effect with international science instruction.