Outline of the Graduate School

Introduction of Facilities

The Graduate School of Image Arts is based at Jukokan Hall in the Kinugasa Campus and the Ritsumeikan Shochiku Studio (both facilities are shared with the College of Image Arts and Sciences). The Ritsumeikan Shochiku Studio is located in the Shochiku Kyoto Studio at Uzumasa, Kyoto, which is said to be the Hollywood of Japan, and it enables research and production activities at the filming location in a favorable environment.

Jukokan Hall (Kinugasa Campus)

  • JK001 Classroom (Theater type classroom)

    JK001 Classroom (Theater type classroom)

    It is equipped with cinema projectors, film projectors, and 5.1-channel surround sound equipment, the same class as those used in movie theaters, providing a realistic visual experience. It is used as a place not only for viewing but also for presentations.

  • JK201 Interactive Lab

    JK201 Interactive Lab

    A huge screen is installed that allows for experiencing virtual spaces realistically with a 120-degree viewing angle. Practical learning in fields such as virtual reality and interactive media is possible with the introduction of various special equipment.

  • JK202 CG/Game Lab

    JK202 CG/Game Lab

    A place for creative learning in fields such as CG animation, game production, and image processing. It is an environment where students can practice various production methods with high-spec personal computers, motion capture equipment, and so on.

  • JK002 Information Exercise Room 1

    JK002 Information Exercise Room 1

    There are 78 computers equipped with software for programming and production of games and CG animation. Input devices such as game console controllers and pen tablets are provided to ensure a creative and practical training environment.

  • JK003 Information Exercise Room 2

    JK003 Information Exercise Room 2

    The PCs are equipped with Avid Media Composer, a digital editing software widely used in the video industry and so on. A total of 26 booths enable students to perform editing work for video production while using the latest equipment.

  • JK103 Acoustic Editing Lab Room

    JK103 Acoustic Editing Lab Room

    This is a lab room for editing audio during post-production. Pro Tools, the standard editing software in the sound industry, is available for use. Students are able to learn a variety of audio skills.

  • JK101 MA Room

    JK101 MA Room

    A classroom where sound processing tasks such as adding narration, postrecording, sound effects, etc. are performed after editing a video. It is equipped with equipment to understand basic operation methods more deeply, and images are synthesized with various sound materials.

Ritsumeikan Shochiku Studio

  • Joint facilities with Shochiku Co., Ltd.

    Joint facilities with Shochiku Co., Ltd.

    Joint facilities with Shochiku Co., Ltd. have been established in Uzumasa, Kyoto. The facilities are equipped with two photo studios, video editing equipment, a 5.1-ch MA room, and lecture classrooms. Students are able to carry out the video production processes from photographing to editing of videos and previews consistently with a higher degree of freedom.

  • R1/R2 Studio

    R1/R2 Studio

    Two studios in the Ritsumeikan Shochiku Studio. Large sets can be installed in a space with an area of 230㎡ and 8.5 m in height, and this studio can be used for photographing various scenes. Practical photography skills can be acquired in this professional-level environment.