Recruiting MEXT University Recommendation Scholarship Applicants (September 2021 Enrollment)

The Graduate School of Policy Science (GSPS), Ritsumeikan University, is pleased to anounce that we are launching the "Master's Program to Foster Leading Moderators for Co-creating Regional Development" in September 2021. We are recruiting MEXT University Recommendation Scholarship applicants who are willing to newly enter Japan to enroll in this Program.

GSPS has provided English-taught courses including "Participatory Case Research Analysis," "Social Survey Data Archive Analysis," and "Policy Case Reading," where research has been pursued through participatory survey methodologies and evidence-based policymaking. We are launching a new participatory research subject, "Regional Co-Creation Study," which is geared at graduate students in the English language track. This is being formulated into a full-fledged program with a global outlook, titled the "Co-creating Regional Development Course Subjects." The Program fuses academic and scientific research theory with practical knowledge based on participatory research performed in actual policymaking contexts. This enables students to develop and deploy problem-solving skills to challenge complex policy science issues. The Program would be suitable especially for students from ASEAN states but applications from other countries are not limited.

Detailed information: