International PBL Seminar in AY2016 held

International PBL (Problem/Project-based Learning) Seminar in 2016, like its previous years, welcomed participants from three countries; Japan, Indonesia and Thailand. The highlight of this year is that there were up to eight students from Indonesia (Institut Teknologi Bandung and Universitas Indonesia), which doubled from last year. Including students from Thammasat university and Ritsumeikan university, PBL class this year is made up of 18 students, making class discussions and presentations even more lively.

After lectures and group presentations by the students in the class, students conducted a field survey at the end of the semester at one of the oldest communities in Kyoto - Kiyamachi and Ponto-cho. Situating at the very heart of Kyoto city, both places boost as commercial and cultural area since the early Edo period. The theme of the survey is how the community in Ponto-cho preserved its landscape and environment as well as solved problems that occurred amid economic and social change. We are honored to have a guest lecture from Ponto-cho City Planning Forum who provided us knowledge and insights about the community, followed by a walking tour in that area and interview survey. Last but not least, thanks to their brilliant team work and media skills, students came up with a colorful 15-minuite video clip.