Alumni Interviews (2014 inbound: Thammasat University)

We talked to Ms. Kingfa Nisayoung and Ms. Thanyarat Suvannavong, former exchange students from Thammasat University who studied Policy Science in the AIMS program from May to July in 2014 about their time at Ritsumeikan University, and how their studying abroad has enabled them to develop their abilities to pursue their aspirations.

Why did you choose to study at Ritsumeikan University?

We previously joined a workshop which was held on Kinugasa campus in Kyoto in 2014. Kyoto is a mixture of modern and traditional culture and inspired us a lot.

Can you tell us what you remember about the courses and what you studied?

We studied Economics, Introduction to Policy Science, Biology and English.
We were told by professors that we need to constantly improve our proficiency in English.

What did you enjoy about your time here at Ritsumeikan University, and did it help you to decide your next step?

We enjoyed international communication with classmates from Japan,  China, South Korea, Indonesia and Pakistan. We still keep in contact with our Japanese friends. In studying with people of various cultural backgrounds, we learned valuable communication skills which motivated us to study abroad in Japan one more time.

What are you doing now?

We are working as Researcher Assistants at Thammasat University, and also currently visiting scholars at Ritsumeikan University. We are interested in master programs in the field of Economics in Japan.

Do you have any advice for AIMS students who will start their study abroad this spring?

Our advice is to prepare well for your daily life, get motivated to study in Japan, and keep that motivation after you return to your home country!