Alumni Interview (2015 inbound: Universitas Gadjah Mada)

Mr. Faris Rachmadyo Nugroho was an AIMS student for the 2015 spring semester, during which he studied in the College of Policy Science. He graduated from Universitas Gadjah Mada, majoring in Accounting. He is currently working as public accountant in Jakarta.

Why did you choose to study at Ritsumeikan University?

I thought Ritsumeikan University was good place to study abroad. When I searched on the internet, I found that former Minister of Trade, Mr. Rachmat Gobel also studied abroad in Japan. When I looked for more information, I found out that Ritsumeikan University was a good private university in Japan.

Can you tell us more about the PBL course you took in Ritsumeikan?

I thought it was unique and offered many lessons to be learned. We learned culture, how to socialize, and what to pay attention to in society in order to live in harmony. I had a class named Game Simulation Method where we played a simulated game, where we were in a plane crash and had to survive with certain equipment. This simulation was a real-life representation of what we need to be useful for others and so on.

Can you tell us what you remember about the courses and what you studied?

I studied Gaming Simulation Method, International PBL Seminar , International Business, International Industry, International Accounting, International Strategic Management, and Constitutional Law.

Were you involved in any other activities besides the regular academic classes?

TISA, a student association that supports international students, held various international exchange events and I was able to get to know a lot of people and extracurricular activities. I joined the tennis club and cultural events with international students.

What did you like about Japan, especially Osaka, the city you lived in? Any interesting experiences?

Food! Japanese food is expensive in Indonesia but we can have a nice meal at a reasonable price in Japan. It felt authentic to eat things such as spicy wasabi, natto, etc. I think Osaka, the second largest city in Japan, is like the Surabaya of Japan. There are many skyscrapers and modern buildings. The people are open, willing to talk, and polite even though they look busy.

What did you enjoy about your time here at Ritsumeikan University, and did it help you to decide your next step?

I met many people from America, France, New Zealand, China, and others. I learned how to become a part of global society and what to pay attention to when dealing with people from other countries. I also visited companies that gave me great experiences. The lecturers were competent. The lecturer on International Industry gave a lot of advice on how to be able to work well, be professional, and build relations.

How has your study at Ritsumeikan affected your life now?

I became more confident. I was able to meet many people, transfer knowledge, and realize that we can develop all what we get. When I was a student, I was reserved, but after I went to Ritsumeikan, I became more open and brave, because there were many presentations in class with English, so my English ability also improved. I discovered myself further and became more aware of the surrounding environment / global environment.

Do you have any advice for new or prospective PBL students next semester?

Prepare your English, in order to get along with other international students. Be open, do not be afraid to interact with people who are different from you, start a conversation. Take advantage of the buddy system to get a lot of information about the campus, facilities, extracurricular activities, and lecturers. Do not be afraid to travel. If you have money and time, it is the time to travel.