Report from Students

Activity Report 1 (2015 outbound: Thammasat University)

Thammasat 11.16.2015

Erika Kondo
College of Economics, 4th year

My Points of Improvement

Two months have passed since I came to Thailand as an exchange student.  I can feel how fast these 2 months have already flown by, but I still have 2 more months to go! I would like to describe how I am growing as person through this program and how amazing the food is.

1 My Happiness
I would like to tell you about my experience here using “foods”. I love eating so much that my friends say, “You always look happy when you eat!” So for me, Thailand food is like the Japanese saying, “ichi-go ichi-e”, meaning to “treasure every encounter”.  There are so many different kinds of ingredients and food to try! It helps me to enjoy trying new things. If I leave my room, I have the chance to try traditional Thai food, completely different than what I ate it in Japan. Also, the  same food doesn’t always have the same taste because the university cafeteria, restaurants, and street venders have their own styles and flavors. That’s why it is fun to try new places, meet new people, and  try various foods! I feel fortunate that I get to taste food that Thai people eat every day. Going out to eat with my Thai friends shows me what food is popular. However, at the same time, I keep in mind how delicious Japanese food is. Studying abroad in Thailand has shown me how important it is to try something new because it helped me gain experience and knowledge. These 2 months taught me what it means to be beyond borders.

2 My Kindness
I  like street venders in Thailand, and I love trying different ones often! It gives me the opportunity to speak the Thai that I learned in class. I never give up, even if I make a mistake! There are not many foreigners in Thailand, however, I’ve found that Thai people have a strict but kind way of communicating. Through this experience, I feel that I can show more kindness towards others. When I feel helpless, I remember everyone’s compassion and it gives me peace of mind.