Report from Students

Activity Report 1 (2015 outbound: Universitas Indonesia)

Indonesia 11.16.2015

Takuro Maeda
College of Business Administration, 4th year

Apa kabar? `Apa kabar` means how are you in Indonesian. Hello, my name is Takuro Maeda, and I am studying at the Universitas Indonesia through the AIMS study abroad program. I am currently in my senior year studying Business Administration at Ritsumeikan University in Osaka, Ibaraki. I would like to describe to you my everyday life in Depok. To give you a better idea, I will use 4 examples: Margo City, Moffee, Traffic Jams, and the dormitory.

Depok is a city of Jakarta, and is very, very big. In Depok, you can get anything and everything what you need. I think that Depok is convenient because it is a big city. One example of its convenience is a large shopping mall called Margo City in Depok. The Margo city shopping mall is about a 10 minute walk from the dorm. There are a lot of students there because it’s located near other universities as well. I also go there to get things over the weekend.

As you may already know, Indonesia is one of the biggest coffee producers and exporters in the world. I enjoy a nice café to drink coffee and relax. Here in Depok there are some really good cafés. My favorite is called “Moffee”. I like the taste of their coffee, and also the atmosphere. This is one of my favorite places in Indonesia. I go here around 3 times in a week, and the owner is really nice.

From now, I would like to introduce one of Jakarta’s most famous problems, traffic. Before I came here, I learned about basic business logistics at Ritsumeikan University. So of course I knew about Jakarta’s traffic jams, but actually it’s even worse than I could have imagined. I still remember the first day that I came here. It was rush hour, so there were tons of cars, bikes, and people! My Indonesian friend told to me, “Around here, it can be very dangerous. Car accidents happen often, should be careful ya!” That is when I realized how important it is to pay attention. There is a lot of traffic just in front of the dorm, so if you come here, please pay attention and take traffic seriously.

Lastly, I would like to describe the dormitory. It’s called “Margonda Residence Dua” and is really nice. The room is not that huge, but I like how clean it is. Also it’s located near Universitas Indonesia, so it is very convenient. There is a swimming pool, but I have never gone swimming in it…maybe I will later.
Today I described my everyday life in Depok, but there is so much more to explore here. Next month I plan on writing more about “Campus Life at Universitas Indonesia”! See you later.