Report from Students

Study Abroad Report (2016 inbound: Institut Teknologi Bandung)

Bandung 05.24.2016

Ellian Jaisy Rahman
Institut Teknologi Bandung

Yo! Minna san Konnichiwa, I am Jaisy. I’m really proud to say that I am living in Japan now as an exchange student from the Institut Teknologi Bandung in Indonesia at one of the most exciting campuses in Japan, or even in the world, Ritsumeikan University OIC (Osaka Ibaraki Campus). I have a wonderful story to tell you, so prepare a cup of tea and relax in your favorite garden, as I hope the story of my adventures, experiences, and feelings inspires you.

Let me first bring you to the story of my studies. I took the Problem Based Learning classes (PBL) with Professor Toyoda, Professor Francis, and Professor Piyada. These classes taught me a lot and really opened up my mind about many aspects in the global perspective, which I think all international students should have in their way of thinking nowadays. To be honest, these professors are very interesting, and make the classes even more fun to attend. Professor Toyoda has really cool Japanese hair and a great teaching style, Professor Francis has a broad experience about Japanese jokes about daily life, and I will not forget when Professor Piyada asked me to help her find the famous drama film in Indonesia “Ayat Ayat Cinta” for her other class teaching material at Ritsumeikan University. Summing up all of my other classes that I took, which are related to special topics on international business management and strategy, I find myself speechless and amazed with the learning methods, environment, and of course the super modern study facility at Ritsumeikan OIC. Two of my favorite professors are Professor Miyata and Professor Raupach. They give me interesting, deep analyses and insight of international business in the best way through storytelling in their classes.

Now, let’s jump into the most interesting part that I want to tell in my story, Japan. Trust me, Japanese students at Ritsumeikan are the most modest and kind people I have ever met, especially all of the TISA members, the tutors for international students assembly. Even from the first day I came to Japan with heavy luggage, taking care of the confusing Japanese residence card at city hall, to the amazing adventure of exploring Ibaraki city - EXPO’70 park event, they are always ready and by my side to ensure that I can adjust to life in Japan and truly help me enjoy my time here. Of course TISA is not the only thing that amazes me! I’ve made hundreds of great new friends at this campus, both Japanese students and International students from the USA, France, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Korea, China, Mexico, Iraq, and many more. I joined some student circles and events, such as being the International Student Ambassador of Ritsumeikan University, Talkfest, SUP, COSMEDIA, and many more.

Talking about my daily life in Japan, of course I would bring up some of the cultural and social aspects that I feel here. No wonder Japan is famous in the international society. One of my Thailand and USA friends once told me at the campus cafeteria when we had lunch together, “Japan is a surprise everyday …”. I’ve witnessed and been impressed by Japan’s hygiene, time punctuality, work spirit, interpersonal respect, modern technology, as well as local wisdom which are what Japanese people hold dear in their society.

Whoever is reading my story, you are so lucky that you have a fruitful chance in your beautiful life to get in touch and create an everlasting moment at Ritsumeikan University. This campus will show you that it is worth it to explore life. Don’t get stuck with what you have only known until now, at Ritsumeikan you will find not only a strong root for global knowledge, but also precious moments, unforgettable encounters, and unexpected things that might change your life and the way you see the world. If you asked me what I have found in Japan, just remember this quote, “there is always a sky beyond those starry skies”. See you in Osaka, Japan at Ritsumeikan University guys!