Report from Students

Study Abroad Report (2015 inbound: Thammasat University)

Thammasat 10.14.2015

My Experience in Japan

My name is Teerawat Patamalai and I came to Japan as a foreign exchange student through the AIMS program. I have been living in Osaka City, Japan for the past four months, and during these months, I have attended Ritsumeikan University at their new OIC Campus. For me, life in Japan is different in many ways compared to my native country, Thailand.

Here in Japan, people are very polite and peaceful. The streets were very clean and the public transportation system was well built and efficient. I would like to deepen the relationship with my new friends in Japan further so that I can become a person that represents my generation.

I can still remember my first day here in Japan. It was filled with an air of excitement and curiosity that I’ve never felt before, and despite seeing things for four months, I still feel that it is not enough and that the air of excitement and curiosity still lingers around me.

I like the AIMS program very much. Most of the classes I took were small, so it was easy to have close student-teacher, as well as friend-friend relationship. I love my life in Japan. I truly hope that one day I will have the chance to come back and experience Japan again. I know that the knowledge and language skills that I gained here in Japan will be beneficial in my future profession.