Report from Students

Study Abroad Report (2015 inbound: Universitas Indonesia)

Indonesia 10.14.2015

Surya Aditama Mahardika
Universitas Indonesia

First of all, I would like to say how thankful I am to have this amazing opportunity. Words cannot describe how honored I feel to have been selected as one of the AIMS participants. To be able to study in Japan might be one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my life. I have learned so many things I have learned while living here. Through the courses I gained so much knowledge that I might not be able to learn at my home university. I took some courses such as Gaming Simulation Method, International PBL seminar, Ecology, etc. One of my favorites was International Accounting. It was really interesting for me because I learned subjects which have strong correlation with Japan’s economy.

I had the chance to join the Tennis club. It was so much fun to be among them. They were so friendly and kind. They were so eager to teach me so many things about Japan and its culture. From them, I learned great values such as dream big, be highly motivated, and more. I am also amazed by how much Japanese people value nature and time.

Living in Japan also made me realize several differences between my country and Japan. Growing up in Indonesia, people made me believe that Indonesians were very friendly. However, when I finally came to Japan, I realized that my people were not nearly what people would call “being friendly”. Whenever I wanted to go somewhere, Japanese people, mostly old ladies, would ask me if I was lost and if I needed directions. One lady that I had never met before even gave me her umbrella when she saw me burnt under Japanese sun. ; One thing that I know for sure is that never happen in my country. They seem to always be eager to help others, even when they know it might bother them. That is only one of the many things that impressed me. Sometimes I found it difficult to communicate because my Japanese friends were quiet, but I know it’s only because they worry about saying the wrong thing or hurting someone’s feeling.

All in all, Japan is a great country that I learned so much having lived and studied in one of the most prestigious universities there. I am very grateful that I could experience amazing things through this program. My expectation for the prospective students is that I wish they could enjoy their stay in their destined countries. I would like them to choose subjects that they like and be conscious about it. Studying is, of course, the most important, but being active in several club/activities is not insignificant either. Getting to know the people would be a good way to get to know the culture. I hope this can be helpful for future students. I also believe this program will benefit me in the future.