Unfinished Works / Beginning of Eternity
10/23 TUE – 12/1 SAT
11/17&18: Free Admission on the Kansai Culture Day

Art students who died in the War had been painting despite the place on the battlefield. They lost their potential as an artist and there was nothing for it but to give up their works by the War. But the War could not deprive of their paintings of the “Moment of Eternity”. We display the works owned by the “Mugonkan”, or “Silent Museum” (Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture) is a memorial to art students who died in the War.
We hope to make people think about “Peace” by highlight the “Art” as a human thing beyond destruction and violence by war.

* “The Studio of Life”: Kyoto Annex to the Mugonkan on the second floor of the peace museum.

World Press Photo 2012

Anemone(Kazuhiko Kuwata/Mugonkan)