Special Exhibit: Chung Chu-ha’s Photo Exhibition “Does Spring Come To Stolen Fields?”
5/3 SAT – 7/19 SAT

Date: Saturday May 3, 2014 – Saturday July 19, 2014
Location: Kyoto Museum for World Peace (Kyoto, Japan)
56-1 Tojiin-Kitamachi Kitaku, Kyoto City, Japan
Tel: (81)75-465-8151 Fax: (81)75-465-7899
Hours: 9:30-16:30, Closed on Mondays

In November 2011, Korean photographer Chung Chu-ha made a study of areas affected by the nuclear accident in Fukushima. Influenced by the issue of nuclear power plants in Korea before the Great East Japan Earthquake, he later published photographs of these affected areas entitled “Does Spring Come to Stolen Fields?” Through the power of these images his work encourages audiences to reflect on the subject of nuclear power. We, in turn, hope this exhibit will present an opportunity to deeply consider peace issues centered on this theme. The museum will also be holding events featuring Mr. Chung Chu-ha and other panelists.


Chung Chu-ha’s Photo Exhibition

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