Seventy Items Recounting the Postwar Era 


Seventy Items Recounting the Postwar Era
Weekly Anpo Story of the New Constitution
Weekly Anpo Story of the New Constitution


Purpose of Exhibition 

  70 years have passed since the end of the war. Japan has renounced war and become a peaceful nation. However, questions are being asked now about how we faced the war and established our society afterwards. In the 2015 Autumn Special Exhibition "70 Items Recounting the Postwar Era", the Kyoto Museum for World Peace exhibits 70 items that have us consider such questions.
In 1945, Japan lost a 15-year-long war triggered by the Manchurian Incident. A great number of people lost their lives and property during the war, and in Japan we still remember the history of reconstruction from the devastation to this day. Landscapes of burnt-out ruins immediately after defeat, and the various life changing products, such as the television and radio, that turned postwar life into rich and colorful days. Even now spectacular events such as the Tokyo Olympics and 1970 World Expo still remain vivid in peoples’ minds. This exhibit showcases a wide range of items from historic postwar materials to citizens’ movement materials, covering such things as the war crimes trials, pullout from the war, postwar development, and the antinuclear movement. They attempt to shed some light on the political and economic trends from the prewar period, its resulting aftermath and the peoples’ introspective desire for peace.
As this year marks the 70th year after the war, we hope that the materials presented in the “70 Items Recounting the Postwar Era” exhibition will give the opportunity to contemplate the various incidents and postwar era.


October 20 (Tue) - December 13, 2015 (Sun)
* Open to the public for free on November 14 (Sat) and 15 (Sun) due to Kansai Culture Day.

Closed Mondays (Except November 23 (Mon/Holiday) Closed November 4 (Wed) and 24 (Tue))
Hours From 9:30 to 16:30 (No admission after 4:00 p.m.)
* Friday Night Museum will be held every Friday. Hours will be extended exclusively for WORLD PRESS PHOTO 15 until 7:00 p.m.
Venue Nakano Memorial Hall in the Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University

Adults 400 yen (350 yen), Junior high and high school students 300 yen (250 yen), Elementary school students 200 yen (150 yen)
* The prices shown in parentheses are group rates.
* The permanent exhibition is also included.

Organizer Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University