Special Exhibit: Suma Maruki: Face the Life 
5/14 TUE – 7/20 SAT

Date: Tuesday May 14, 2013 – Saturday July 20, 2013
Location: Kyoto Museum for World Peace (Kyoto, Japan)
56-1 Tojiin-Kitamachi Kitaku, Kyoto City, Japan
Tel: (81)75-465-8151 Fax: (81)75-465-7899
Hours: 9:30-16:30, Closed on Mondays

Suma Maruki born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1875. She married at 22 and helping her family business, inn for sailors and was in agriculture. In 1945, she was exposed to radiation at 70. Her husband passed away in next year. After that she started painting encouragement with her first son Iri Maruki and his wife Shun Maruki both who are Japanese artist. She is called “spontaneous artist” because her works are shot a keen and soft look at nature. She kept painting in her entire life.

suma natsu
Suma Maruki