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Kuniaki TANAKA Professor

■ 1983/03 Kansai University Graduate School, Division of Technical Doctoral course first term (Master's)  Completed
■ 2006/03 Doshisha University Doshisha Business School, Division of Business  Professional Master  Completed
■ 2010/03 Hosei University Graduate School, Division of System Design  Doctoral course second term (Doctoral)  Completed

Field of Research
■ Production System
■ Production Strategy

Theme of Research
■ A Study of the Demand Synchronized Production System
■ A Study of Module Structured Design Method
■ A Study of the Smart Factory
■ A Study of the Production Strategy Framework


After completing the Master's program at the Graduate School of Engineering, Kansai University, I joined Omron Corporation. After being in charge of management in production technology related departments, such as the head of the Production Technology Center at the Manufacturing Innovation Headquarters, I became the president of local subsidiaries in Malaysia and China. After retirement in October 2018, established  System Lab Kyoto Corporation. While at Omron Corporation, completed a master's degree (MBA) at Doshisha Business School and a doctoral degree at Hosei University Graduate School of System Design. I had served as an external member of the board of directors of Manufacturing Science and Technology Center (MSTC) and head of the Production Systems Division of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. Fellow of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.