How Class Attendance is taken (manaba+R/QR code stickers/IC card reader)

How student attendance is taken varies depending on the instructor. (There are some classes where attendance is not checked each time.)

Main methods used to check attendance

  • Use manaba+R via smartphones or laptops during class.
  • Use the attendance card with QR code stickers(*) or have students submit communication papers, etc.
  • Have students place the Student ID Card in front of the IC card reader.
  • Take attendance orally

(*)The QR sticker is a sticker with the data of your personal information (student ID number and name).
   Please keep them in a safe place and do not lose them or exchange them with your friends.
   QR stickers issued in previous years can be used as long as the student ID number has not changed.
   It is available to reissue at Manabi Station.

For inquiries

Kinugasa: Manabi Station(Gakujikan Hall 1F)
BKC: Manabi Station(Prism House 1F)
OIC: Manabi Station(Building A 1F AC Administrative Office)
Suzaku: Administrative Office, Inter-Faculty Graduate Schools