Technical Equipment and Communication Environment

Technical Equipment

To take the online classes, please prepare the equipment such as PC, smartphone and tablet so that you can connect to the internet.

Please check the below to install the Microsoft Office and other information about IT service.
(Please click the Google logo at the top right to choose the language)

To check which browsers are compatible with manaba+R,
please click here.

Internet connection

Please adjust your Internet settings to make sure that you can connect at home, at your student accommodation or elsewhere outside university facilities. Teaching activities such as live streamed classes may require high broadband capacity. We recommend that you use an Internet connection through fiber-optic cables that allows unlimited use for a fixed fee.

Information on support services for those who need to set up an online learning environment

VPN Connection

VPN connection enables you to connect Rainbow system through the internet at home and elsewhere. By using it, you can access to the materials folders which are normally available only through the network on campus.

Please see below for the details.

VPN (on-campus network connection from off-campus)


Information security incident can occur to anyone since everything is connected online. Please check the website below and take extra caution when using the PC or other electric devices.

Information security