Submission of a Regular Report

Reports students have to submit are roughly divided into the following two types:

  • Report for a Report Examination
  • Report assigned during class (Regular Report)

How to submit ①Report for Report Examination

Report for a Report Examination is a report of a course for which a “Report Examination” is written in the Grade Evaluation Method section in the syllabus, and the title of the report is described as “Report Examination” in manaba+R.

For details, please refer to 「the Report Examination page

How to submit ②Report assigned during class (Regular Report/Advanced Seminar Report)

The Regular Report mentioned in ② above refers to all the reports other than the Report Examination mentioned in ①.
How to submit reports or the deadlines differs depending on the instructor.
Please submit them according to the instructions from your instructor.

How to submit a Regular Report (example)
  • Submit during class    
  • Submit through manaba+R  
  • Submit to the email address of your instructor  
  • Submit to Manabi Station

Matters to note when you submit a Regular Report to Manabi Station

  • Submit them via the submission box located in Manabi Station or to the reception counter.
  • As to the necessity of a Regular Report Cover Sheet, please follow the instructions from your instructor. (When you have to submit them to the reception counter, the attachment of a cover sheet is required.)  When the attachment of a Regular Report Cover Sheet is necessary, fill in the necessary items of the Report Cover Sheet provided at Manabi Station, and after stapling it to the report, submit it.

For inquiries
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BKC: Manabi Station(Prism House 1F)
OIC: Manabi Station(Building A 1F AC Administrative Office)
Suzaku: Administrative Office, Inter-Faculty Graduate Schools