Report Examinations

Some courses require students to submit reports, essays and other assignments, which are considered to be examinations and are subject to assessment.

Courses with report examinations

Courses that conduct report examinations are courses for which a grade percentage of 1% or more is indicated in the "Report Examination" section of the syllabus.

*Report examinations must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on the day of the submission deadline for report examinations specified in the Academic Calendar.

*A report that is required to be submitted during a course (i.e., report for continuous assessment) cannot be considered a “Report Examination.”

Implementing report examinations

Report examination topic announcements and report submissions are conducted via manaba+R. Ritsumeikan University consider report examinations as a replacement for final examinations, and as such are handled differently than reports that are submitted during a course (i.e., report for continuous assessment). Students may be asked to submit printed report examinations to a specified submission place by the course instructor, instead of submitting them via manaba+R. In such cases, instructions will be given by the course instructor when report topics are announced on manaba+R.

Differences Between Report Examinations and Regular Reports (Continuous Assessment) on manaba+R

Schedule Report Examination Report for Continuous Assessment
Start of report
submission period
Unified date and time for all courses Varies by course
Report submission
Unified date and time for all courses
(5:00 p.m. on the day of the submission deadline for report examinations specified in the academic calendar)
Varies by course
Submissions after
Not permitted Varies by course
Not permitted Varies by course

Important Considerations When Writing Report Examinations

When writing reports or essays, it is often necessary to cite other people’s work for reference purposes. However, such cited works belong to the authors. When making citations in reports/essays, it is imperative that students include the citation source and make the citation in accordance with the guidelines for writing academic papers. Including other people’s copyrighted work in a report, dissertation, or other assignment is a violation of copyright law. Merely looking up information on the internet and including it in a report/essay may result in the baseless usage of false information. Therefore, students should consider the aforementioned and express their thought-out opinions/assessments grounded in the research findings or evidence they have found, rather than writing their “impressions.”

Similar to cheating during final examinations, plagiarism in report examinations will be subject to disciplinary action based on the Ritsumeikan University Final Examination Regulations and Ritsumeikan University Student Disciplinary Regulations.

Schedule of the fall semester in Academic Year 2022

Topic Announcement

December 20 (Tue), 2022 from 1:00p.m.

Submission Deadline

January 20 (Fri), 2023 at 5:00p.m.
(on the submission deadline for report examinations specified in the academic calendar at 5:00p.m.)

*Resubmission of reports or submission after the deadline will not be accepted for any reason. Once a report has been submitted, it cannot be resubmitted. In order to prevent incorrect submission of reports, it is recommended that students save their reports with a file name such as “the name of the course”.

Place of submission


*For details on how to operate manaba+R, please refer to the “manaba+R Report Examination Manual [for students]”.

*For some courses, the data format that can be submitted may be PDF only. Please be sure to check the report topic carefully.

*The maximum file size that can be submitted to manaba+R is 20MB.

manaba+R Report Examination Manuals(for student)
Precautions prior to writing a report

For inquiries

Kinugasa: Gakujikan Hall 1F (Manabi Station (East))
BKC: Prism House 1F (Manabi Station)
OIC: Building A 1F AC Office (Manabi Station)