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We will present to "8th World Archaeological Congress, WAC-8."
Date Sunday, August 27th - Saturday,  September 2nd, 2016
Time 09:00-18:00
Venue Imadegawa Campus, Doshisha University
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Our 10th Regular Seminar will be held.
Date Thursday, May 26th, 2016
Time 18:00-19:30
Venue Room 989, YOYOKAN HALL 6F
Kinugasa Campus Ritsumeikan University
Topic 10th Regular Seminar
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Hosted by Research Center for Pan-Pacific Civilizations
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About Us

Director's Greeting

Yoshinori Yasuda

 Since early, Ritsumeikan University has realized importance of cultivating human resources in Japan and the Asian-Pacific regions rooted in the climates, histories, traditional cultures, technologies, values, and lifestyles, as symbolized by the foundation of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU.)

 Ritsumeikan has set up a preparation office for the foundation of "Ritsumeikan Saionji-School," fostering global leaders for the 21st century named after the university's founder, Prince Kihnmochi Saionji. The purpose of its foundation is to cultivate people who can become pioneers in developing a new civilization in the 21st century with re-recognizing importance of the values traditionally held by people of Japan and Asian-Pacific regions.

 To achieve the goals of "Ritsumeikan Saionji-School" and provide more complete, comprehensive, and advanced learning environment, "Research Center for Pan-Pacific Civilizations (Ritsumeikan PPC) has been established in Kinugasa Research Organization. The purpose of its foundation is fundamentally to re-evaluate the relationship between environments and civilizations, to resolve the history of natural disaster and its influence on the rise and fall of civilizations, to pursue and create a set of values for the new civilization, to find a model for a sustainable society, to present pioneering visions for the coming civilization, to develop innovative technologies, politics and lifestyles that can support such visions, and to redefine the future path for Japan as a nation in the Pan-Pacific regions.

 The mission of Ritsumeikan University is to conduct basic researchers and to develop human resources. "Ritsumeikan Saionji-School" and "Research Center for Pan-Pacific Civilizations (Ritsumeikan PPC)" will function as the keystones to accomplish these missions.

Director of Research Center for Pan-Pacific Civilizations
Yoshinori YASUDA

Board Members, 2016
Yoshinori YASUDA

Yoshinori YASUDA
Eminent Professor, Kinugasa Research Organization

Specialized in
Environmental Archaeology
Board Members, 2014
Vice Director

Professor, Graduate School of Core Ethics
Frontier Sciences Vice Chancellor, Research Affairs, Ritsumeikan

Specialized in
Cultural Anthropology
Board Members, 2014

Manabu TAKAHASHI Professor, College of Letters

Specialized in
Environmental Archaeology, Geography of Disaster
Board Members, 2014
Kenichi YANO

Kenichi YANO Professor, College of Letters

Specialized in
Archaeology of Jomon Culture
Board Members, 2014
Tatsunori KAWASUMI

Kohei MASTUNAGA Associate Professor, College of Letters

Specialized in
Environmental Geography
Board Members, 2014
Researchers, 2016
Senior Researchers
Name Belongs to
Yoshitsugu SHINOZUKA Ritsumeikan Global Innovation Research Organization
Takahiro TOMITA Ritsumeikan Global Innovation Research Organization
Yukihiro KOUMATSU Ritsumeikan Global Innovation Research Organization
Oki NAKAMURA Ritsumeikan Global Innovation Research Organization
Visiting Researchers
Name Belongs to
Naotoshi ICHIKI Lecturer, Academia de Cultura Japonesa, Lima PERU
Kiyoko OZEKI Professor Emerita, Tokaigakuen University
Rintaro ONO Associate Professor, Department of Maritime Civilizations, Tokai University
Shigeru KABATA Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, School of Social Sciences, Universidad de las Américas Puebla, MEXICO
Junko KITAGAWA Principal Researcher, Fukui Prefectural Institute of Satoyamasatoumi
Masato SAKAI Professor, Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences, Yamagata University
Katsuhiko SHINOGAMI Audit Director, Audit Group 3, Audit Division, JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.
Akira SHIMIZU Neurosurgeon, Director of Cerebral Apoplexy Center, KKR Mishuku Hospital
Mai TAKIGAMI Research Fellow (PD), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Takeshi TAKEDA Photographer
Masatsugu TANIGUCHI Resource and Environmental Journalist
Mamoru TANIYA Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Asuka Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Atsushi NAKAYAMA Director-General, Tokai Local Finance Bureau
Hiroo NASU Assistant Professor, School of Advanced Sciences, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies
Yoko NOJIMA Project Research Fellow, International Research Center for Japanese Studies
Etsuo HASEGAWA Part-time Lecturer, Organization of Education and Student Support, Saitama University / Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Toshiyuki FUJIKI Lecturer, Department of Applied Science, Faculty of Science, Okayama University of Science
Shigeki MURAYAMA Reporter, 2nd Industrial Division Editorial Office, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd.
Naoki MORISHITA Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Business, Wako University
Junko HIGASHIMURA Lecturer, School of Education Regional Science, Fukui University
Aya MANABE Research Fellow, Kagoshima Prefectural Archaeological Center
Yasuyuki YOSHIZAWA Honorary Director, Bashobunka Forum / Director (CCO), PIA Corporation

Research Projects

Our Goal
Construction of 'Pan-Pacific Civilization Study'


Construction of 'Pan-Pacific Civilization Study'
Research Groups
Group 1: Environmental Archaeology
Title Structuring Accurate History of Disaster by Analyzing Annually Laminated Sediments in Pan-Pacific Regions
Leader Yoshinori YASUDA
Visiting Professor, Kinugasa Research Organization
  1. Extracting Annually Laminated Sediments
  2. Analyzing Annually Laminated Sediments
  3. Unravelling Interrelationship between Climate Change & Disasters History and Civilizations & Histories
Group 2: Archaeology of Jomon Culture
Title Observational Study on the Transition from Jomon to Yayoi Culture in the Japanese Archipelago as the Overlapped Area between the Northern and the Western Parts of Pan-Pacific Regions
Leader Kenichi YANO
Professor, College of Letters
  1. Structuing GIS Database on Beginning and Ending of Jomon Culture
  2. Analyzing Environmental Changes from Relics and Remains
Group 3: Geography of Disaster
Title Earthquakes and Tsunami Disasters in Pan-Pacific Regions
Leader Manabu TAKAHASHI
Professor, College of Letters
  1. Structuring Database on Seismic Disasters
  2. Structuring Land Development Model against Environmental Changes and Disasters
Group 4: Cultural Anthropology
Title Anthropological Reassessment of Men-Environmental Relations in Pan-Pacific Regions
Leader Kozo WATANABE
Professor, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences
  1. Field Work in North America
  2. Field Work in South America
  3. Field Work in Mongolia
Seminars List
Date Seminars Topics / Presented by
2016.5.26 R-PPC 10th Regular Seminar To be published
2015.10.30 R-PPC 9th Regular Seminar Ryo NAKAZUKA (Geogrophy, Archaeology) Kenichi YANO (Archaeology)
2015.5.8 R-PPC 8th Regular Seminar Yukihiro KAMIMATU (Geography, Ecology)
2014.11.28 R-PPC 7th Regular Seminar Atsushi UEMINE (Archaeology)
2014.10.31 R-PPC 6th Regular Seminar Naoki MORISHITA (Enviroment History)
2014.06.24 R-PPC Special Seminar
(R-PPC 5th Regular Seminar)
Manabu TAKAHASHI (Geography, Environmental Archaeology)
2014.05.29 R-PPC 4th Regular Seminar Yoshitsugu SHINOZUKA (Global Environmental Studies)
2014.04.24 R-PPC 3rd Regular Seminar Takahiro TOMITA (Anthropology)
2013.12.05 R-PPC 2nd Regular Seminar Oki NAKAMURA (Archaeology)
2013.10.31 R-PPC 1st Regular Seminar Hiroshi KONDO (Anthropology)


Authors Title Publisher Year
Guodong LI
`Pan-Pacific Civilization Series'3
Guizhou, China and Japan: Rice Cultivating Culture
Yuzankaku 2015.8.25
Yoshinori YASUDA `Pan-Pacific Civilization Series'2
Japanese Tales and Yangze River Culture
Yuzankaku 2015.5.25
Yoshinori YASUDA
Chiharu ABE
`Pan-Pacific Civilization Series'1
Tsugaru Strait and Jomon Culture
Yuzankaku 2015.1.30

Lectures / Symposia

Lectures / Symposia List
Date Lectures / Symposia Topics / Presented by
Saga Symposium East China Sea and Rice cultivating&Fish catching, Yayoi culture
Exibition of Donations from Mrs Kiyoko OZEKI Clothes of Jomon Period
Munakata Symposium Tsushima Strait and Tumulus culture
2014.12.20 Memorial Lecture of Donations from Mrs Kiyoko OZEKI Cloth and wicker basket: Explain From Archeaology and Anthropology
2014.12.19 R-GIRO Symposium Environment change and Human around Asia
The 15th Kansai Jomon Culture Research Center Conference How to establish and use
Jomon ruins database
2014.05.21 R-PPC International Workshop Eduardo Kohn
Hakodate Symposium Jomon Culture
in Tsugaru Strait
Environmental History in Pan-Pacific" International Workshop Suk Chang Lee
Henry Hooghiemstra, etc.
2013.11.11 R-PPC Special Lecture Meeting Gerald Islebe
R-PPC Establishment
Anniversary Symposium
  1. Environmental History
    in Pan-Pacific
  2. Disaster History
    in Pan-Pacific
  3. Pan-Pacific Life Civilization

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