KOKUGAI KYODO-KENKYU Scholarship(Sholarship for Overseas Joint Research)

【Important Notice】
This system will be expired at the end of March, 2023.
The new system, Research Grant for Doctoral Students will be established. All activities supported under the current system will be subject to the new system. An outline of the new system will be announced in late February 2023. For details, please check here.

The purpose of this grant is to support graduate students involved in overseas joint research programs based on the graduate school’s objectives for human resources development and three policies (academic degree conferral policy, curriculum organization and implementation policy, and new student admittance policy).Also, this scholarship places emphasis not on “individual research activities,” but on “joint research programs.” Please ask the administrative office of the relevant graduate school about eligible programs for this scholarship.

There is no program in AY2022. (Some graduate schools may offer this program in Fall semester.)


Eligibility Scholarship Amount

Students who are currently enrolled in a Doctoral Program, year 3 or above of an Integrated Doctoral Program, or 4-year Doctoral Program (exclude those who are taking a leave of absence) and who have been selected to participate in overseas joint research programs that are eligible for this scholarship.

      *Those who are receiving the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship or any other scholarships which do not allow recipients to receive other scholarships are not eligible.

 (1)Scholarship Amount

Overseas joint research days
Scholarship Amount
Area 甲(Koh)
Area 乙(Otsu)
Area 丙(Hei)
Between 15-29 days
Between 30-59 days
Between 60-89 days
More than 90 days

Area map HERE

  *in Japanese only

 (2)The Maximum Number of Grant Payments

    One disbursal throughout enrollmen



Administrative office of the relevant graduate school