KENKYUKAI-KATSUDO Grant(Grant for Student Research Societies)

The purpose of this grant is to encourage graduate students to engage in research activities voluntarily with students of different graduate schools as members of student society.

Grant Details

1. Financial Support
A grant of up to 100,000 yen is offered to each society per year.
The amount covers expenses for society-hosted events ("Event Expenses") and expenses for speakers invited from outside the university ("Expenses for Invited Speakers").

2. Facility Lease
Eligible societies will be granted the lease of classroom space when they carry out activities on campus in accordance with the conditions of leasing facilities to Ritsumeikan University student organizations engaged in extracurricular activities.

Number of Eligible Societies

Up to 30 societies will be provided the grant, up to 25 societies in Spring Application and up to 5 societies in Fall Application.

*If the total number of accepted societies in Spring Application does not reach 25, the rest of the number of societies will be accepted additionally in Fall Application.

Application Qualification

A society must fulfill all of the following requirements. 

(1) A Society must be made up of 3 or more graduate students of Ritsumeikan University(the University).

(2) A Society must be made up of students form at least two or more graduate schools※1 of the University.

(3) The representative must be a graduate student of the University. ※2

(4) The deputy representative must be a graduate student of the University at a graduate school※1 different from that of the representative.

(5) A Society must present research achievements in Mid-Term Report and Final Report as part of society activities by using this grant.

(6) A Society must not receive duplicate disbursements of this grant and other budgets for the same expenses (A Society is allowed to use other budget if disbursement is for different expenses).  

※1 Applicants with members from diffrerent majors in the same graduate school can be accepted depending on the contents of societies.

※2 A representative cannot be a representative in more than one Society. If a representative changes from the time of the application, submit the 登録者変更届(Application form for changing registered society members) promptly. The grant shall not be disbursed to those who are taking a leave of absence, Non-Regular students (Post- Master’s Research Student/Doctoral Research Student etc.) and students of other universities, even though it is possible for them to become members of Societies. 

  Undergraduate students of the University are eligible to become members of the Societies (also eligible to receive the disbursement).

Application Period

Spring Application ; from April 24 to May 8, 2023. ← The application period has ended.
Fall Application ; from July 17 to August 26, 2023.   ← The application period has ended.

Download Forms  

 Application Guidelines  

 Application Format for KENKYUKAI-KATSUDO Grant  

 Link of Application Form for KENKYUKAI-KATSUDO Grant  

Management Guidelines ←2023.11.2Update 

Electronic Application Form Manual< Application Forms for Expense Report etc.>

 (Form1)The contents of KENKYUKAI and Expense Report ・Reimbursement Request Form ←2023.10.18Update 

・ (Form2)Expenses Application Form for Invited Lecturers Honorarium / Transportation Expenses etc ←2023.11.2Update

・ (Form3)Research Report

(Form4)Application form for changing registored society members

(Form5)Application form for changing budget item

(Form6) Mid-term Report

Final Reports of each KENKYUKAI in 2022

Poster (PDF) submitted by each KENKYUKAI in 2022 is shown below.

   Public & Inclusion Research Project

   移動・空間・時間 研究会(いくじ研)















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