Report: 2019 Spring English Presentation Seminar

We held “English Presentation Seminar” at KIC, BKC and OIC through June, 16(Tue) to June, 18(Thu).


There are many graduate students who are not good at speaking English, not get used to presentation

even they have more chances of having English presentations compared to undergraduate days.

The purposes of this English Presentation Seminar were to support graduate students to learn key points

for good presentation and to present in an effective way.


This seminar was held as an incentive short course. 2 classes were taught in English by a native instructor,

 and his explanation was very clear and specific. All attendees gave their own presentation and could realize

 the effectiveness of what they learned in the lecture. This was also a good chance for some attendees to listen to the research content of different research theme and area. The instructor told that the best way to improve their presentation is to record his/her presentation, and look and check it objectively.

We hope all attendees utilize what they learned and listened during this seminar effectively.


<Voices from attendees>

・Learned new things.

・Gestures and eye contact are really helpful.

・Friendly presenter and clear explanations. I enjoyed.

・Learned how to reduce the nervousness, use gestures to emphasize.

・Maintaining body languages are very useful.

・Learned delivery points such as eye contact, speed and how to deal with anxiety etc.

・Very interactive and lessons were well delivered.

・Very supportive and cooperative sensei.

・Can remember what's our needs/deficiencies of preparing for presentations.

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