Report : 2019 Fall Academic Writing Seminar

We held “Academic Writing Seminar” at KIC and BKC on Tuesday, October 15
and Friday, October 18.


This seminar focused on the important points of writing thesis in English, and it was

a good chance for graduate students to learn the basic knowledge and skills for writing

high quality theses. This seminar was held in English as an incentive short course for 90 minutes.

The instructor is a native English speaker and his explanation was very clear and specific.


All attendees sent the instructor what they aren’t sure and what they want to learn in advance.

Therefore, the instructor gave a class based on their questions and the class was fruitful for all.


There are many words and expression in English. It’s very difficult to choose the appropriate words

and expressions for what the writer wants to tell. All attendees realized again that it is very important

for all to use grammars properly to keep the consistency in their papers. We hope all attendees utilize

what they learned and listened during this seminar effectively hereafter.

Voices from attendees

We can apply this skill in our research writing

It gives me an idea to do my research and writing

From this seminar I learned the tips on how to write research work

I got many information in writing thesis in English

Clear and concise explanation. Easy to understand example

There are so much information that I found it useful for my next paper

It could be useful to write thesis

I understood small but very useful things for academic writing

Got a standard format for academic writing

I really like this seminar. The professor explained everything in clear and simple words

The handout was really useful and contents were appropriate!

I got very useful information. The seminar was very interesting and fruitful.

Good content. I know how to prepare necessary things for writing paper.
 Sensei explained clearly, detail.

For me, the construction of abstract is the most useful items.
 I have read abstracts many times but I never notice about its construction

The academic writing seminar was very helpful.



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