2020 KOKUSAITEKI/KOKUNAI Research Fund Report

We post the submitted posters of research reports conducted with the support of research fund programs below. Please have a look.
(Only the posters written in English are posted in this page)

The number of each recipient in 2020 is as below.
   KOKUSAITEKI Research Fund: 1
   KOKUNAI Research Fund: 1
   KENKYUKAI-KATSUDO Grant: 13 groups

◆ KOKUSAITEKI Research Fund (Posters written in English only)

Prediction of Microvascular Invasion in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Based on Radiomics and Deep Learning Using MRI 

◆ KOKUNAI Research Fund (Posters written in English only)

“Indonesian Migrant Workers in Japan: Internship Trainees (Gaikokujin Kenshusei Seido) Program, Recruitment Process and Personal Dreams”

Posters of KENKYUKAI -KATSUDO Grant written in Japanese can be checked in the below site.