Free App introduction for your Japanese Self-Study

In addition to "Japanese Self-Study with textbooks" program
we introduce free app for your Japanese self-study as below.

     You can study Japanese easily with app
     anytime, anywhere!!!

Please check each app, choose the suitable one and use for your study!

                        TOBIRA (by APU)   Busuu
PointYou can study Japanees with fun
as you play!!
You can choose several courses and enjoy learning!!
LanguageJapanese 12 Languages including Japanese
LevelMainly for BeginnerBeginner / Intermediate / Advanced   
How to use- Read the QR code in the website
- Search for "TOBIRA" in the App
  Store or Google Play Store

- Click the website below below
- Search for "Busuu" in the App 
  Store or Google Play Store
*You need to sing up before starting*

Fee Free Free
*Paid Plan is not applicable.
 If you prefer the paid plan,
 please pay it by yourself.  

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