100 NIN-RONBUN at Ritsumeikan 2023


Graduate Student Career Path Support Center, Ritsumeikan University,
hold the "100 NIN-RONBUN at Ritsumeikan 2023," 
in which graduate students introduce their research
in an easy-to-understand and impressive manner 
and receive anonymous and genuine comments in response, 
thereby deepening their own research and creating opportunities
to connect with people from different fields.

In addition, for undergraduate students,
learning about graduate students' research provides an opportunity
 to increase their interest and interest in "researchers"
as well as the fun and enjoyment of research.

★For those who want to publish your research(Graduate Student Only)

The term "100 NIN-RONBUN" does not mean writing a thesis.
Those who read your post will make comments anonymously too.
What kind of comments you will get... 
Some of you may be nervous, but it looks fun, isn't it?.

1. Acceptance period for submitted your research
Monday, September 25 9:00 AM - Thursday, October 12

2. Composition and character count of submitted your research. And "Web site" for posting.
Please check this document. 
(There was an error in the description when presenting in English, so it has been updated.)

3. "note" publishing period.
Monday, November 6 - Sunday, November 19
*The winner is determined by the number of "スキ" in this period.

4. Comments from viewers
We will send them from 11/20 (Mon) onwards.

5. Award notification to winners
manaba+R will notify after 11/27 (Mon).
 (Subprizes will be given in early December)

The winner of the "Best Impact Award" selected by the viewer will receive a certificate
 and Amazon gift certificate 30,000 yen.
The winner of the "Impact Award" will receive a certificate
 and Amazon gift certificate 10,000 yen.
* It will be determined by the number of "スキ" in the post.

★How to vote and comment on "RONBUN" of graduate students(Not for graduate students!)

It will be published in "note". (Publication Period: 11/6~11/19)
 →The comment period is the same.
 →Please vote for impressive research ("スキ" on the note)!
 10/2: The front page of "note" has been published.

Click here for comments to presenter.
 →You can only post comments for the same period as the "note" publishing period.

Response time from the presenter (graduate student)
 →It will be after 11/20 after the end of the comment period.
  (We ask presenters to respond as much as possible.)


Graduate Student Career Path Support Center, Ritsumeikan University